The dungeons of Torchlight are randomly generated. However, there is a general order in the locales you will visit.

The Dungeons of Torchlight
Orden Mines Orden Mines (Floors 1 4)

The mines are the first part of the game. Here you will face off against monsters such as ratlins and azure gels.

Necropolis Necropolis (Floors 5 8)

The Necropolis is the second part of your journey where you are tasked to find an ancient library. In these dungeons you will fight monsters such as skeletons, zombies, and spectres.

Estherian Ruins Estherian Ruins (Floors 9 16)

The Estherian Ruins is filled with water and plant life. Here will battle pygmies, mushrooms and spiders.

Tu'Tara Caverns Tu'Tara Caverns (Floors 17 20)

As you journey through these caves, you will fight spiders and the Tu'Tara.

Molten Prison Molten Prison (Floors 21 24)

This lave themed dungeon will have you battling your way through hordes of goblins and trolls.

Lost Fortress Lost Fortress (Floors 25 29)

An ancient dwarven city represents floors 25 to 29. It is here where you will find the Ember Forge. Be prepared to fight undead dwarves and watchers.

Black Palace Black Palace (Floors 30 34)

It is in this dark and evil domain that you must rescue Syl. You will battle against blood disciples, zealots and dragonkin.

Lair Lair (Floor 35)

In the final part of the game, you must do battle against Ordrak. A powerful Ember Colossus.

Other Dungeons
Shadow Vault
The Shadow Vault is unlocked after you have completed the main quest and defeated Ordrak. The dungeon is located in the crypt at the southern central edge of town. The dungeon floors here are limitless and randomized to use all locales and monsters. The difficulty scales with the player while providing the best loot and experience.

Minor Dungeons
Minor dungeons contain one to three levels randomly generated from one of the main dungeon themes. Town portal gates cannot be cast in minor dungeons.
-Talking to Hatch in town will open a minor dungeon.
-Killing a Phase Beast will open a portal to a minor dungeon.
-Maps purchased in town or found will open a portal to a minor dungeon when you right click on them.


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