Destroyer The combination of high Health Points, Strength and Defense make the Destroyer ideal for close-range melee combat. The Destroyer's low mana, Magic and Dexterity make him a poor choice as an early spell caster.

Starting Attributes

Health Points: 300
Mana Points: 20
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 4
Magic: 3
Defense: 10

Destroyer Skill Trees
Slash Attack (level 1) - Attacks all foes in front of you with all equipped weapons.
Dual Wielding (level 1) - Improves damage of all weapons when dual-wielding.
Stampede (level 5) - A brutal forward dash that damages all foes in its path.
Adventurer (level 10) - Improves the potency of potions, increases the rate of experience and fame gain, and reduces resurrection penalties.
Offensive Spell Mastery (level 10) - Increases the level of all offensive magic spells. Spells can be found or bought, and fall under the spells tab in your inventory.
Chain Vortex (level 15) - Phantasmal chains stun nearby foes.
Spectral Echo (level 20) - While active, attacks cause a spectral echo to damage foes beyond their normal range.
Critical Strikes (level 20) - Increases the chance and improves the damage of all critical strikes.
Treasure Hunter (level 25) - Increases the chance to find magic items, and potency of enchantments. Treasure hunters also find more gold.
Devastate (level 25) - You rush forward in a flurry of powerful attacks using all equipped melee weapons. Movement is toward the cursor, draining mana as you go. Note: auras don't work with Devastate in vanilla TL.
Soul Rend (level 1) - A Powerful phantasmal blade cleaves your foes.
Titan Stomp (level 5) - Blast all nearby foes with a shockwave that damages and knocks them back.
Martial Weapons Expertise (level 5) - Mastery of swords, axes, maces, and polearms.
Ranged Weapons Expertise (level 10) - Mastery of bows, pistols, crossbows, and rifles.
Doomquake (level 10) - Strike the ground, sending burning cracks outwards to pierce your foes.
Defensive Spell Mastery (level 10) - Increases the level of all defensive magic spells. Spells can be found or bought, and fall under the spells tab in your inventory.
Frost Shield (level 15) - A protective field absorbs physical and elemental damage, and freezes foes who strike it.
Barter (level 20) - Reduces the purchase prices at merchants, enchanters, and gamblers. Improves the sale prices of your own goods.
Block and Parry (level 20) - Increases the chance to block, either with or without shield.
Seismic Burst (level 25) - A burst of energy crackles along the ground, flinging enemies from its path.
Shadow Armor (level 1) - Summons a phantasmal which attacks nearby foes.
Entropic Aura (level 5) - Enemies near you are slowed, and sometimes interrupted. The aura lasts for two minutes. Only one aura may be active at a time.
Armor Expertise (level 5) - Mastery of all forms of armor reduces requirements and improves armor absorption.
Magic Weapons Expertise (level 10) - Mastery of all wands and staves, and reduced requirements for rings and amulets.
Shadow Bowman (level 10) - Summons a phantasm which attacks foes at range with a spectral bow.
Charm Spell Mastery (level 10) - Increases the level of all charm magic spells. Spells can be found or bough, and fall under the spells tab in your inventory.
Pet Mastery (level 15) - Your affinity for animals increases your pet and minion's power and decreases the pet's town-travel time.
Aura of Thorns (level 20) - Enemies near you incur automatic damage over time. The aura last for two minutes. 50% defense, 50% magic.
Spectral Decay (level 25) - Disrupts the armor of nearby foes, amplifying the damage you deal to them.
Advanced Spellcasting (level 25) - Reduces the level requirements of all spells and improves mana recharge rate.


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