Alchemist With the highest Magic and the most mana, the Alchemist is a formidable spell caster, but his weak Defense and low Strength and diminished Health Points prevent him from engaging tough opponents in close-range melee combat. What you don’t see among these attributes is that the Alchemist can master 33 skills in his Skill Tier, while the Destroyer has only 30 skills and the Vanquisher has 30.

Starting Attributes

Health Points: 160
Mana Points: 30
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 7
Magic: 10
Defense: 5

Alchemist Skill Trees
Ember Bolt (level 1) - Bolts of ember energy seek out their target.
Magic Weapons Expertise (level 1) - Mastery of all wands and staves, and reduced requirements for rings and amulets.
Iceshock (level 5) - Hurl a crystal that detonates with a chilling blast, freezing nearby foes.
Critical Strikes (level 5) - Increases the chance and improves the damage of all critical strikes.
Ember Lightning (level 10) - Blasts foes with a bolt of ember energy.
Offensive Spell Mastery (level 10) - Increases the level of all offensive magic spells. Spells can be found or bought, and fall under the spells tab in your inventory.
Adventurer (level 10) - Improves the potency of potions, increases the rate of experience and fame gain, and reduces resurrection penalties.
Ember Lance (level 15) - Pierces foes with a shaft of blistering energy.
Pyre (level 20) - Hurls a crystal filled with nether flames - flames burns foes over time.
Advanced Spellcasting (level 20) - Reduces the level requirements of all spells and improves mana recharge rate.
Ember Strike (level 25) - A bolt of burning energy from the sky strikes the target location.
Nether Imp (level 1) - Summons Nether Imps from the dormant energies of corpses.
Thorned Minions (level 5) - Your minions are imbued with crackling energy that reflects the damage foes inflict on them.
Pet Mastery (level 5) - Your affinity for animals increases your pet and minion's power and decreases the pet's town-travel time.
Summon Alchemical Golem (level 10) - Summons an alchemical golem to attack your foes.
Charm Spell Mastery (level 10) - Increases the level of all charm magic spells. Spells can be found or bought, and fall under the spells tab in your inventory.
Terror (level 15) - Causes enemies within range to flee in mortal terror.
Ranged Weapons Expertise (level 15) - Mastery of bows, pistols, crossbows, and rifles.
Burning Bind (level 20) - Your minions are enraged, resulting in improved damage and attack speeds.
Barter (level 20) - Reduces the purchase prices at merchants, enchanters, and gamblers. Improves the sale prices of your own goods.
Summon Beam Golem (level 25) - Summons a golem to blast your foes with a beam of electricity.
Treasure Hunter (level 25) - Increases the chance to find magic items, and potency of enchantments. Treasure hunters also find more gold.
Ember Shock (level 1) - A gauntlet overload delivers a devastating charge to a single target. Power diffuses into nearby foes for lesser damage.
Armor Expertise (level 1) - Mastery of all forms of armor reduces requirements and improves armor absorption.
Ember Shield (level 5) - Envelops you in ember energy, absorbing physical damage.
Martial Weapons Expertise (level 5) - Mastery of swords, axes, maces, and pole arms.
Infuse (level 10) - Imbue your weapons with ember energy for increased damage.
Defensive Spell Mastery (level 10) - Increases the level of all defensive magic spells. Spells can be found or bought and fall under the spells tab in your inventory.
Frailty (level 15) - Enfeebles Nearby enemies, reducing their armor and elemental resistances, and slowing their attacks.
Dual Wielding (level 15) - Improves damage of all weapons when dual-wielding.
Ember Phase (level 20) - Phase to a new location dealing damage as you enter and exit nether space.
Block and Parry (level 20) - Increases the chance to block, either with or without shield.
Ember Sentry (level 25) - A sentry crystal blasts nearby enemies with a beam of ember energy.


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